3 eggs omelettes with cheese, served with your choice of potatoes or grits, and toast or a biscuit.

Cheese Omelette- $6.99

Spinach Omelette- $7.99

Pepper and Onion Omelette- $7.99

Mushroom Omelette- $7.99

Bacon Omelette- $8.99

Sausage Omelette- $8.99

Ham Omelette- $8.99

Veggie Omelette- $8.99

B.T.O Omelette- $8.99

Corn Beef Hash Omelette- $8.99

Western Omelette (Pepper, Onion, Ham)- $9.99

Mexican Omelette (Tomatoes, Onion, and Jalapeno topped with taco meat)- $9.99

Farmer's Omelette (Bacon, Sausage, Ham)- $10.99

Country Fried Steak Omelette- $10.99